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Kalabagh Salt Mines

Kalabagh Salt Mines are located on the bank of the Indus River. Salt is excavated by Room and Pillar method. Some of the chambers are more than 80 meters deep where the salt is still mined manually. There are 13 different kinds of salt seams with different shades of color. Actual old mines are located near the village known as Wanda Kukranwala.

Location 296km from Islamabad or 50km from Mianwali
Leased area 3,837.81 acres (Two Leases)
Geological Horizon Pre-Cambrian
Purity of salt Average 96%
Shades of salt White and Pink
Mining method Room and Pillar
Total Resources 28,503 tons
Production 146,687 tons (2016-17)
Sales 146,687 tons (2016-17)

Mr. Mukhtar Ali Junejo
Project Manager,
Kalabagh Salt Mines
Kalabagh, Distt. Mianwali
0459-395704 (Off.)
0302-9588189 (Mob.)
0459-206183 (Fax)